This week I’ll be taking you on a journey from one side of the South Platte River to the other. Today, I begin on the northwestern side, at Sous le Lit, a shoe and purse boutique on Platte St. across from Wen Chocolates. (Sous le Lit also has locations in Littleton and at SouthGlenn.)

Sous Le Lit sign Denver Oct 2009A  couple of doors down from Vitamin Cottage, Sous le Lit is a small store. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a selection of disposable cameras and film cameras made from plastic. The clerk showed me a manual for the Holga (on the left), which is apparently quite versatile. Sous Le Lit cameras Denver Oct 2009

You can also find shoes there you won’t find at the mall,Sous Le Lie shoes 1 Denver Oct 2009

as well as accessories like this cap and scarf. Sous Le Lit cap Denver Oct 2009I think the selection at Sous le Lit was comparable in size to that of Ahimsa Footwear, on 17th Avenue in Uptown, but I liked Ahimsa’s purses better, especially because many are made from recycled or nontoxic materials. Another store that sells stylish purses is Unity on South Pearl.

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