Denver Candy: Wen Chocolates

NOTE: Wen Chocolates closed its Platte retail location on February 14, 2010. Please see the website for more information.

I fell for Wen again on Wednesday on my first “official” tour of Denver’s South Platte Valley neighborhood. I didn’t think any truffle there could rival the Prazen Sladkor (caramel in dark chocolate dusted with gold), but I was wrong. Wen Milan, PS, and Lgrass curry Denver Sep 2009The Milan (on the left)  combines coffee and chicory in milk chocolate with white chocolate on top, and it was so good I had to talk quietly with myself about getting another one.

That would have been my fifth chocolate truffle, after the pear hazelnut and the lemongrass curry (on the right in the picture above) and the two already mentioned. I tasted the pear hazelnut first this time and did detect a hint of pear, but that was it. Likewise, with the lemongrass curry, I tasted the latter but not the former.

Even so, the pear hazelnut is one of the most beautiful truffles I’ve ever seen.Wen pear hazelnut sharpened Denver 2009

And I had a good time talking to the chef, William Poole, the clerk, and another customer who wandered in. I learned that Poole will have an article (or interview—I didn’t nail it down) about Denver’s restaurant scene in 5280’s December issue. I asked him for the name of his favorite restaurant, and he said, “My house.” He recommended I try Root Down in Highlands, but I’ve heard so many mixed reviews it’s definitely not first on my list.

As I left, I took a picture of the window display for Halloween,Wen Halloween display Denver Sep 2009 which had a little too much reflection, and then Todd and I headed out to find dinner. Wen is having an anniversary celebration this Saturday, at the store and online. The store is located at 1541 South Platte and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.