Recycling in Kansas City

The house where I’m staying has curbside recycling (all plastic containers, lids on; milk and other plastic-lined cartons; almost all types of paper; metal cans and foil and tins). NO plastic bags, Styrofoam, or glass. Glass bottles ONLY can be taken to Ripple Glass locations throughout the city. See the bottom of this page for items that may be recycled at local Whole Foods stores.

Bridging the Gap runs several recycling centers with the help of volunteers. A Household Hazardous Waste facility, run by KC Water Services, is located at the Deramus recycling center.

Check with Recycle Spot for more information about recycling in Kansas City, Missouri.

Here’s a recycling drop-off center I found through Recycle Spot, located in Grandview, Missouri.

Waste Management (which acquired Deffenbaugh Industries) lists recycling and yard waste services on its site. On the page linked to here, look under Residential in the navigation bar for information about recycling and composting. WM even offers recycling by mail of things like batteries.

The Surplus Exchange provides electronic recycling in the Kansas City metro area. Whole Foods may also offer e-cycling events.

Recycling at the Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHARM) in Boulder, Colorado

Electronics of all kinds, including cell phones

Plastic bags (clean and dry)

Large #2 plastics (laundry baskets, for example)

Styrofoam blocks for packing

Scrap metal

Clothing and other fabrics and shoes (but no underpants!)


Compostables (corn-plastic packaging, food waste, compostable plates and flatware)

Construction Reuse (via Craigslist)

Cabinets and countertops from my kitchen: the contractor removed them whole, and then a man who wanted to install them in a mountain cabin picked them up.

Other Recycling

Whole Foods: clear, stretchy plastic bags (I think all WF stores still have these bins), toothbrushes and yogurt cups/lids (see if your local stores still have a Preserve bin), corks (see if there is a bin), and used gift cards (ask a clerk about gift cards)

CDs and DVDs and VHS tapes and cassettes (at Green Disk)

Scrap metal: search online or, in KC, look at RecycleSpot

Styrofoam peanuts (any UPS Store)

Styrofoam packing blocks: in KC, I looked on RecycleSpot and found a local business that would take small amounts of this packing material.

Plastic pots for plants (check whether your local garden center will accept any pots for reuse or recycling; if not, try your local recycling center)

Kitchen plastic, such as plastic bags for chips (Terracycle, via the Kitchen Separation Box)