The day before we left the park, Todd and I took two trips to Norris Geyser Basin, north of Old Faithful and south of Mammoth Hot Springs. First we arrived in the morning, just as the photographers were leaving, and we were the only ones on the boardwalk. As I went back to get my camera, other people began arriving. I took this photograph of Black Growler Vent that morning.Norris Geyser Basin, Beth Partin's photos, thermal features

We went back later that night and had most of the basin to ourselves. It was the best time of day to be there, mostly because we didn’t have to get up early!

Our last day in Yellowstone, we went to Old Faithful. On the way I snapped a picture of this bison bull, who looks like he’s starving. bison, Yellowstone bison, American buffalo, Yellowstone wildlife

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