I was out Sunday in extremely uncomfortable shoes, snapping tulips on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. They’re just about done for the year, and although I wished I had gotten there about a week earlier, there were still some beauties left. While I was there, I ran into Eli Vega, the instructor for the FRCC class “How to Sell Your Photographs.” He suggested I try shooting at a very small aperture and very low shutter speed while the wind was blowing. He said it might create the effect of double exposure. The picture below is my best effort. It looks a little bit like a painting. Although I don’t think it’s good enough to try to sell, it was fun to play with this technique.

Beth Partin's photos, Eli Vega, Pearl Street Mall Boulder

This photograph was shot at ISO 100, F36, 1.3 seconds.

I highly recommend Eli Vega as a teacher. You can take his classes at Front Range Community College and Boulder Digital Arts. (I think his class at BDA is new, so it might not be listed yet. You could email BDA to find out.)

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  1. Todd Bradley May 10, 2011 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    Cool photo. It looks like it would make a good album cover.