REI Versus the Grump

I just got a cool new catalog from Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), which has several stores in the Denver Metro area. I found things I liked in it, such as the Vibram Five-Fingers Multisport Shoes. I’ve been thinking of trying to jog in them.

But I was put off by some of the camping gear. You can find everything for camping in this catalog except a modular house. There are easy-ups and pads and mattresses and rather ridiculous camping stoves. Whatever happened to roughing it? To adapting to nature? God forbid we get a sunburn or not have a gourmet meal for one weekend!

Plus just about everything in that store is imported. US jobs, REI?

Then I think, “I’m a grump.” That’s what the consumer society does to people like me who like nice things but don’t think we all need 2 houses and fabulously comfortable camping gear and our own yards and our own lawnmower and on and on and on. I just sound grumpy.

It makes me mad.