I promised you recently I would go back to Scribbles to buy Christmas cards, and I did that today. Scribbles window Sep 2009I also bought a set of cards at the Tattered Cover.

Both met my criteria of being made from recycled paper and not being wrapped in massive amounts of unrecyclable plastic. In fact, the only plastic involved was my credit card. The 20 cards from Mudlark (from TC) came in a box with pears on the cover and an “American proverb” on the box’s inside cover. The 8 blank notes and envelopes  from Paper Source (Scribbles) have penguin adults and chicks on the front and come wrapped in a blue band.

I found Scribbles much the same as it was before Halloween: still quiet, with only one other customer in the store; still full of cards Scribbles interior back Dec 2009and notes and other paper items from 150 vendors, some of whom you won’t find elsewhere, spread out on tables and shelves along the walls. Scribbles is located two doors down from 15th and Platte in Denver’s South Platte Valley neighborhood, between Mona’s and My Brother’s Bar and across from Vitamin Cottage and Wilderness Exchange. Like Mona’s it fits into a long, narrow space that probably used to be a house, though Mona’s seems to have been updated with cement floors. Scribbles has wooden floors painted black and a pressed tin ceiling and brick walls. Scribbles interior long view Dec 2009

I saw one brand at both stores: Green greeting cards company. That was the only one I noticed, though of course I didn’t do a scientific survey.

Scribbles also has an area upstairs where brides-and-grooms-to-be can design their wedding invitations.

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