Just the name conjures up comfort, doesn’t it? Todd and I found ours in the form of peppermint ice cream and a latte after Winterfest on South Pearl. We played a trivia game for kids and aced it (adult games are also available).

Pajama Baking Company has a fairly spacious interior, with seating for adults and children in the front and deli cases in the back. By the coffee stand (in the right-middle of the picture) was a sign for chair massages on Monday and Wednesday from 12 to 4.Pajama Baking interior Dec 2009As soon as you walk in past the old garage doors, you see the ice cream (outside the left margin of the picture above). But it’s not just a coffee and desserts shop. It also sells artisan breads and prepared meals such as the thin-crust pizza that tempted Todd, along with Mini-Moos cheese from Canon City and pasta and novelty items such as Too Haute Cowgirls candied popcorn. I was amused by the subtitle, “Hellbent for Chocolate.”Pajama Baking Too Haute Cowgirls Dec 2009

Like many restaurants and coffee shops, Pajama makes its wall space available to local artists. Pajama Baking painting by Jessica George Dec 2009Jessica George painted this Cubism-meets-Abstract-Symbolism piece. (The colors are not true. My camera wasn’t allowing me to adjusting aperture and shutter speed—just a slight drawback.)
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