Two Denver-area women, Stephanie Peller of Broomfield and former Broomfield resident Tais Field, plan to climb Kilimanjaro to help raise money for the A21 Campaign (“abolishing injustice in the 21st century”), a charity that fights human trafficking. They are part of a 19-women-and-2-men team who want to do “an extraordinary thing to stand together IN UNITY against Human Trafficking.”

The money raised by publicizing the climb (and thus the issue of human trafficking) will be used to support a shelter for trafficked people in London. Peller and Tais hope that someday there will be a similar shelter in Colorado. In an article in the Broomfield Enterprise (“Local Women Trekking Up Kilimanjaro to End Trafficking,” Dylan Otto Krider, December 26, 2010), they note that Colorado is a major hub for victims of trafficking, but there is no shelter specifically for them in the state.

How is this restoration?

It’s restoration of people who’ve been damaged by forces outside their control. It will enable them to lead lives of their own choosing.

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