I’ve been to Winterfest 2 years in a row, Winterfest  Denver 1 2008 street viewand I can say with certainty this year was colder. I’ll bet there weren’t too many of these poinsettias out last Saturday.WInterfest Denver market 2 2008This year they blocked off the street at night and had perhaps 10 vendors. Otherwise, most things hadn’t changed. Marsha’s Cookies was there again (her cookies are delicious, as was the fudge sample I stole), along with Nana’s Coffee Cakes (the pumpkin chocolate chip was a big hit with the in-laws), and Old Colorado Smokehouse. Winterfest Denver Old Colorado Smokehouse details Dec 2009We were about to buy jalapeno cheddar or elk bratwurst or fresh sweet Italian (the last two both sweet), but then the vendor got tired of freezing his ass off in the dark and walked over to listen to the Clam Daddys.Winterfest Denver Clam Daddys Dec 2009 Trout Steak Revival was also there. (The band names are as quaint as the district, don’t ya know?) Both helped take our minds off the cold. WInterfest Denver Trout Steak Revival Dec 2009 The ice sculptor had packed up and gone home, leaving a sleigh that naughty Santa could use for his escape. Winterfest Denver ice sculpture 2 Dec 2009The Clydesdales were warm in their stables by the time we arrived, Winterfest Denver horse and wagon 2008and people also found ways to stay warm, especially if their shoes weren’t the most practical.Winterfest Denver fire pit Dec 2009We had dinner at India’s Pearl and then had dessert at Pajama Baking Company (more on those two later this week).

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