Chedd’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese
1908 Pearl Street, Uptown, Denver
Bus directions: the 28 goes right by
NOTE: Chedd’s has closed its locations in Denver. There is a Chedd’s in Austin, Texas.

Chedd’s storefront in Uptown looks a little bit like an upside-down football helmet, and the atmosphere within is about as humid. When I walked in, it hit me—this place smells like a room where cheese is cooked all day!

One revelation per post: that’s my promise to my readers.

Chedd’s has about the coolest sandwiches anywhere, I think. Why?

It offers twelve types of bread (though they were out of wheat on Sunday afternoon, when we were there). Todd got marbled rye instead, and the pattern was so beautiful I had to take a picture of it. (I’m sorry. Someday I’ll learn how to take pictures of food. While it’s still whole.)

One of our friends ordered the Farmer in the Dill (what Chedd’s calls a “melt”) but replaced the relish with pizza sauce. Relish just wasn’t right, she said. But dill, I said. Dill.

Her companion ordered the Wild Garden, which had the same cheese I picked for my made-to-order sandwich: Wild Morel and Leek Jack. That’s an attractive name for cheese.

Todd had the Classic, which I can’t even find on the website: cheeses, tomato, bread.

We sat outside at a large green plastic table (we had to clean it first, because nobody inside seemed concerned about the crumbs and spots. I suppose we could have asked, but I’m a woman of action), with a view of all the pretty new condos, and divvied up our sandwiches. Some of us were smart enough to cut the sandwiches into four pieces and give one piece to each person, but not me. I kept cutting off little pieces and passing them around.

Hint: Eat fast. Cold cheese isn’t that good, unless it’s on pizza.


My favorite was the Wild Garden. I liked the pesto.

And I’m infatuated with the idea of going to a restaurant and choosing my own ingredients. That’s why I like Mad Greens.

I can’t control what the government does with the $700 billion. But by god, I can get tomato basil bisque (the websites says it’s always available. I’d go check on that, if I were you. Make them keep their promises) and a salad and my very own sandwich at Chedd’s.


Our friends declined to accompany us to Some Men at the Denver Civic Theater. They wanted to walk back to downtown, one of their reasons for coming to Denver, they said.

To walk. To see us. To eat cheese.

I’m sure the whole way west they were thinking, Now I know what I want in life: my very own cheese sandwich franchise!

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  1. Beth October 23, 2008 at 11:13 am - Reply

    I’m going to comment first on my own post here (because I’m shameless). I meant the title to read “My Very Own Sandwich.” But I typed, “Very My Own Sandwich.” So I went and changed it to “Vary.”

    I’m tired today.

  2. Todd Bradley October 23, 2008 at 4:23 pm - Reply

    For what it’s worth, The Classic was supposed to be just wheat bread and cheddar. But they were out of wheat bread, so I had rye (not marble rye – they have both kinds). And I added the tomato as an extra-charge option.

  3. Beth October 23, 2008 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    OK, I couldn’t tell. It looked like it had more than one kind of cheese. It was good, anyway, and so cheesy! (I couldn’t resist.)

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