Uncharitable? Maybe, but a Friendly Response

This post has been updated. See new photograph below.

North Coast Co-op just doesn’t have the same friendly vibe as People’s Co-op in Portland. Luckily, there’s Wildberries Market in Arcata as well, and Eureka has at least one natural foods store. Arcata photos, North Coast Co-opThere don’t seem to be any public restrooms in or near Arcata Plaza, so perhaps North Coast is the closest restroom. I’m sure there are good reasons for the restriction, but still, I always feel alienated by such signs, or the ones that say, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”


If you look at the comments on this post, you’ll notice that David, the manager of the co-op, chimed in. Since I posted the photo above, the store has toned down the door a bit. It looks better now, though I think the “backpacks” sign could still be improved. I’m impressed that the staff at North Coast is so willing to make changes in response to customer feedback.  North Coast Co-op Arcata