Sometimes I think, What if I go out the door to go birding and there’s a revolution before I get home? What supplies can I carry in my coat to ensure I’ll survive?

I remember reading stories of Holocaust escapees ironing money into their pillowcases. Would cash be the best currency? Jewelry? Cigarettes? Bullets?

How about poetry? Or birth control pills for women and condoms for men? Or chocolate?

Beth’s List of supplies for the revolution:

Some of the spells from the Harry Potter books, such as Stupefy and Protect, as well as all the cooking spells and Hermione’s tent that fits into her purse

Real elvish rope

Walking shoes that support my heel and the arch of my foot

Self-cleaning underwear

A bird book that includes all the birds of the world and can play their calls

A lock-picking set

The tool RTD gave us when we finished their emergency responder training; it turns natural gas off and on and could be used to bonk someone on the head

A coat with a zip-out lining that could double as a pillow

A coat that can store all this stuff without appearing bulky (in other words, a coat that is either unfashionable or magical)

What I would really have with me:


Sibley’s Guide to Western Birds

Decent walking shoes

My black parka

Wallet, phone, tissues, lip balm, and possibly and water bottle

Jeans and perhaps long underwear, plus a couple of layers on top

Cotton underwear

Car and house keys

Gloves and a hat

Nuts and raisins, an apple, or a banana

What’s your list?

P.S. I posted this today because I’m finishing an editing job and don’t have time to post about all the restaurants I’ve visited but haven’t written up. So there. Merry Christmas.

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