If you’re renovating a bathroom or other space that needs water-resistant/waterproof walls, PolyWall may be of interest to you.

It is a waterproof sheet made from recycled plastic resins that is 1/16 of an inch thick and can be glued to unfinished walls. Parkland Performance Walls and Ceilings recommends that it be installed with latex adhesive over a porous surface, but it may be possible to install PolyWall over ceramic tile and other nonporous surfaces. The website gives different instructions in the FAQ than it does on this Plas-Tex PolyWall page.

Go to the website and check out all the evils PolyWall claims to be “proof” against: termites and acid are two of them.

How Is This Restoration?

Anything that gets plastic out of the environment is a form of restoration in my book. If this limits the amount of new tile we need, or limits the amount of plastic bathtub liners we need, then it will limit the pollution caused by production and it may limit the need to extract oil and clay.

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