When Todd and I first began exploring the neighborhood where we are renting in Missoula, we were struck by how different it seemed. It wasn’t completely suburban: we could go across the street to get LASIK, walk a few blocks to a casino, walk a few blocks in the other direction to find a day laborers center, and so on.

It wasn’t urban in the sense of “downtown urban.” It wasn’t suburban, although much of it had the look and feel of strip-mall territory. It was a mixed-use neighborhood, but instead of the housing being stacked on top of the retail, the retail was scattered among the housing. I’ve never lived anywhere quite like it.

I finally figured out I was in the South Campus neighborhood, which accounted for the mix of businesses, churches, schools, and housing.

I had so many pictures (and I may add more) that I decided to put them on Flickr. You can find them in “bapartin’s photostream” at Missoula businesses etc. in South Campus.

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