Occupy 3: Denver and Kansas City

I’m back in Denver now, going to see surgeons and oncologists about my metastatic breast cancer. There’s still a lot of Occupy stuff going on, despite the fact that pseudo-Democratic governor John Hickenlooper was one of the first to evict an Occupy camp and has done so three times. I would never have expected him to act that way.

On November 18, I was at Civic Center Park and took a few pictures. People seemed a little paranoid about my showing their faces on my blog—understandably—so I’ve limited the pictures of people I’m presenting here. I took pictures of the group in Civic Center Park. There were no tents, but people were sleeping on the ground. I admire their tenacity in the face of this:Occupy Denver

These protestors stand along Broadway.Occupy Denver, Occupy Kansas City, Occupy KCApparently Denver police have taken to giving tickets to drivers who honk in support. Just last week Occupy Denver was warning people bringing supplies not to park along Broadway. The police response in Denver has been truly ridiculous.

And here’s a historical reminder. Occupy Denver, Occupy Kansas City


The Occupy camp in Kansas City was set up near the Liberty Memorial, which includes the National World War I Museum, and across from the Federal Reserve. Occupy Kansas City, Occupy KCIt’s a great symbolic location, but there’s not a lot of traffic going by that camp. As far as I know, the camp is still there.