The day we visited Niagara Falls was not our best. I started a fight about parking, and we walked to the falls separately. Once I arrived—well after Todd, which is unusual because I walk much faster than he does—I found the cloudy weather frustrating. I don’t have the technical knowledge to get a great shot under these conditions.

The first picture shows development on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Everyone said it was prettier, and I think they were right, but we didn’t want to go through customs. Considering the way the American customs agents behaved when we came back from Vancouver, I’m sure our compatriots would have pulled everything out of our clown-car Prius and poured out all our liquor. That would have made us cry.

Niagara FallsDouble-decker boats venture close to the bottom of Horseshoe Falls. Everyone on board is draped in cheap blue plastic to avoid getting soaked, but I think they do anyway. We didn’t want to pay for it, though it might be fun to do that someday, just to experience all the noise and vibration of the relentless water.

I tried to capture some bokeh and was moderately successful. In one or two shots the water looked nice, but the rocks and plants were never quite sharp enough. All my photos looked grainy, although none was taken at an ISO of greater than 400. Perhaps it was the mist in the air.

Todd and I made up pretty quickly, and here he is checking Facebook while I take pictures.

Right before we left, a rainbow appeared in front of American and Bridal Veil Falls. And yes, I did enhance it. It was nowhere near that bright.

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