Navajo Star Wars

A week or so ago, in a state very, very close (just kitty-corner to Colorado), Todd and Beth went by this, Close-up of Sleeping Ute Mountainand then we stopped at Window Rock at the memorial for the Code TalkersWindow Rock with Code Talker statue, Arizona, July 2013and thought about World War II, and then we saw this. Todd and Beth in front of Navajo Star Wars sign, Arizona, July 2013And then we sat in a rodeo arena and saw thisStar Wars Navajo opening scroll, Window Rock, Arizona, July 2013on a specially built screen.

Imagine that only about 400,000 people in the entire world spoke English and you had never seen a movie in English. And then one day someone dubbed a famous movie into English. Think how happy you would feel. There was such joy in that arena.

I guess it was a good translation.

The Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Arizona, arranged to have Star Wars dubbed into Navajo. Here is a link to the casting call in May.