MonHaibun: Must Be Taught

Woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself.
—Susan B. Anthony

We started slow, we 20 women come to train. To raise our voices, 1 hour. To stop letting them get too close, 2 hours. I did the first role-play.

Role-play vertigo:
my digestive system
reminds me it’s there.

One woman brought her babysitter, a Marine with sculpted eyebrows. Was there no self-defense in the armed forces?

We closed our eyes.
They came to stand
next to us, breathing.

Two years of Krav Maga for me; two other women were current students. It didn’t matter. All of us grew equally aggressive, especially the one having a flashback at the end.

But will we remember?

Krav Maga