Wen handmade gourmet chocolates Denver 2009I began in a small space, a chocolatier fronting a spice shop. Everything packaged and behind glass, brought out one at a time for me, detailed, and rewrapped.

I interrupted him to photograph the chocolates on the counter—

—two free truffles—
I’ll email him about the website review

There’s construction on 15th Street, two lanes blocked off. I wait for 6 SUVs, don’t expect the Honda going the other direction.Downtown Denver South Platte Cherry Creek confluence 2009

More dangers await at Shoemaker Plaza: Canada geese suddenly ravenous for chocolate; sun melting artisan chocolates into featureless blobs; toddlers carelessly whacking them as they stumble by.

Pear hazelnut:
the Platte chills dogs and children
in the shallows

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