Kansas Photos: Stone Gallery

The wet drive across Kansas took me three days. While I was slip-sliding down I-70, I found this lovely place in Hays, Kansas. It’s part of the Ellis County Historical Museum, which wasn’t open the day I was there, but I was able to visit the gallery’s outdoor exhibit.

Hays Stone Gallery long view Kansas Oct 2009

The Stone Gallery had all sorts of interesting stone and metal sculptures in the yard.

Hays Stone Gallery pedestal Kansas Oct 2009

There were these creepy metal men (see the one in the previous photo?)

Hays Stone Gallery metal man 3 Kansas Oct 2009

and creatures of all sorts (this bird looks like it’s considering mayhem)

Hays Stone Gallery bird Kansas Oct 2009

and this sexy lady.

Hays Stone Gallery nude Kansas Oct 2009

But the most amazing discovery was this courtyard,

Hays Stone Gallery courtyard Kansas Oct 2009

with all manner of carvings.

Hays Stone Gallery memento mori Kansas Oct 2009

That is one small sample. I could keep this post going for quite a while with the pictures I took, but I won’t. If you’re in Hays (preferably Tuesday through Saturday), go find this sign near downtown,

Hays Ellis Hist Museum Kansas Oct 2009

and start exploring behind the red brick building, which is attached to a church. You’ll find the German Volga Haus and, behind that, the Stone Gallery.


I arrived in KC late last night and haven’t yet had a chance to begin exploring. As soon as I do, I’ll be posting about KC.