A local blogger I know from Boulder Media Women has posted a wonderful article about taking care of human and natural communities. Priscilla Stuckey is very compassionate about people’s difficulties in learning to heal local natural communities. Please read it and send her some Twitter and FB love.

On Angel Food Cake and Earth Care

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  1. Priscilla January 29, 2011 at 8:21 am - Reply

    Thanks, Beth! You’re right, it’s going to take all of us! We’ve done a lot of damage, and each of us individually and all of us together can do a whole lot to heal the damage. Thanks for your consistent spotlight on restoration activities. I know of few activities that are as satisfying–in terms of pure enjoyment–as restoration work. In a restoration project, people enjoy each other, they enjoy the land, and they enjoy being part of a movement to heal and care for the places where they live.