Just spent 15 minutes or so dealing with recycling.

No, it doesn’t take me that long to find the recycling bin. I had to rinse out a small plastic bag so that I could recycle it; plastic bags are made into Trex decking, and apparently they need to be super-clean and dry. Then I took the 3 bottles of pop we were never going to drink and poured them on the compost pile (here’s hoping it will do something interesting to the compost), rinsed them out, and threw them in the bin. Then I hand-washed a baggie that I thought I might be able to reuse if I could just get the chili-grease off it, and after that I stuck it in the dishwasher using the Bag-E Wash.

Whew! Are you tired yet? I know I am.

No wonder people don’t want to recycle. This stuff is a pain in the ass!

Not only do Americans need companies to step up to the plate and design products for recycling, but we need places like Big City Burritos to stop wrapping burritos in foil and then plastic. And that’s only one issue I had with all the plastic at that place. I’m going to write to them about it.

We also need to cut ourselves some slack and avoid going to places that set off our plastic warning alarms. I don’t mind eating a meal out of a plastic basket lined with paper, but using plastic forks and trying to get guacamole out of a little plastic tub just begins to get on my nerves, especially when I’m staring at 100% recycled napkins. Sorry, Big City Burritos, your eco-friendly napkins are offset by all the plastic crap you use to serve your food.

Which is too bad, because your chicken mole burrito was pretty good.

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