On Bastille Day (July 14), Denver City Council amended the zoning code to allow Denver homeowners and renters to sell raw, uncut or unbagged produce and cottage foods (e.g.,  jams and certain baked goods) from their homes and apartments (though that would require approval of the property management company, I expect).

Farm Stand picture Highland Denver Aug 2015

So put that chicken coop in your tiny backyard and get ready to sell eggs. But don’t bother getting a pygmy goat; you can’t sell milk or butter or cheese.

I think it would be wonderful if adult versions of lemonade stands sprouted on Capitol Hill streets. Commuters might not even mind a traffic jam if they could pick up veggies for dinner on the way home.

Here is Denver’s guide to getting started in this new “home occupation.” Occupy eggs?

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Note: Pictures added in September 2015.

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