No doubt fruit foraging is happening somewhere, somehow in Denver, but I don’t know Mt. Hood red apples Oregon Oct 2011about it. In the meantime, you can get an edible forest planted in Kansas City, and you can go forage for fruit in Seattle on Beacon Hill. Well, maybe not right now, but when the trees grow up.

Beacon Food Forest: seven acres of forageable space within Seattle city limits. The planners want this to be a food forest, not just an orchard. It’s a little like a permaculture orchard, in which you plant other edible plants around the fruit trees, but designed to function more like a wild forest, with things like strawberries on the ground, bushes that bear fruit, and fruit and nut trees.

Here’s an article about it from Fast Company.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Central Park in NYC became and edible forest? Or Loose Park in Kansas City? Or City Park in Denver?

Giving Grove, which is affiliated with Kansas City Community Gardens, plans to develop a model for “edible tree gardens” that can be easily replicated in urban areas. I think this is such a great idea, and I wish I had a house with some land so that I could begin planning an edible garden.

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