After our interview with Kate Sheridan at UM Flat (way back on July 25, the day before we went to Glacier National Park), she left to have lunch with a friend, and we headed over to #1 Gyros, also on 5th Avenue, but on the west side of Higgins Avenue in Missoula. (This is the second restaurant I’ve seen in Missoula that has “Watch Your Step” way down on the ground there. It’s a little passive-aggressive, I think.)Greek restaurants, Beth Partin's photosThe restaurant was pretty empty when we arrived at 12:45, but people did trickle in after us. It was a good thing because I took a while to make up my mind about my order.Our landlady had recommended that we order the Greek fries.Made with oregano, salt, and lemon juice, they were the best thing we ate. Winner in the most startling category: the thick, uber-garlicky hummus. Don’t eat it if you have to interact with people before you can brush your teeth. Or if you prefer hummus that tastes of lemon—I couldn’t taste anything but the garlic. I have to admit, though, I enjoyed the purity of the experience.Greek restaurants MissoulaI must have been craving gooey food that day because I ordered the special fries (with feta, cayenne, and tzatziki). If you want spicy fries, you should ask them to add extra cayenne. They were a little too loaded for my taste, but the tzatziki did add a nice lemon-yogurt flavor. Both of us preferred the Greek fries. And, finally, there was the gyro. I thought it was appropriate that it seems to be drooling. Beth's food photosI realized as I was writing this that I don’t really expect much from gyros. Perhaps I’ve had too many generic sandwiches from Falafel King in Boulder. This one was good, but the gyro I remember is the one I had in Vancouver. The dollop of tzakziki on it was very thick, and the gyro-maker slit a whole pita so far down that he could fill it and then wrap the contents to make a falafel that looked like a burrito.

And do I remember the name of the restaurant? No, but if you go west on Robson Street in Vancouver to the Blue Horizon Hotel and look across Robson, you will see a Mediterranean restaurant. And maybe the man who wraps falafels will be there.
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  1. Thomas | JusGetaway August 29, 2011 at 6:22 am - Reply

    Good thing there wasn’t a line waiting behind you while you were making up your mind. My wife would probably really go for that garlic hummus. The gyro does look good though.

  2. Beth Partin August 29, 2011 at 1:33 pm - Reply

    Thanks for commenting, Thomas. The staff were very patient with my indecisiveness, so that was a good thing.