Forest Primeval

Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center lies southwest of the Ballard neighborhood where we stayed in Seattle. Located on the western edge of Discovery Park, it overlooks Puget Sound. Years ago, Indian activists wrested the site from a parcel of land the city was redeveloping.

I got there by crossing the Ballard Locks and moseying through the neighborhood. It was a long walk, but worth it. On the way to the center, I stopped at this sign, feeling torn. “Land’s End” always sounds so enticing. 

But I chose the detour instead. When I was done exploring the center, I entered the forest remnant nearby and had a green, peaceful hike back to the road. I love finding havens in cities that make you forget the city exists.

This pond was lush with reeds and ferns. The latter were a treat, since I have seldom visited places abounding in ferns.In September, it was still coated with green algae that made it resemble pavement.

Alas, all good illusions must end, as mine did when I found this extremely un-primeval landmark.