Yesterday I began what I quickly realized would be a gargantuan task: deciding where to bird on our trip to Asia.

I typed “Birding Asia” into Google, and the first site that came up was Oriental Bird Club (not the most politically correct name). On one page I found links to bird clubs from Japan, India, Cambodia, and many more. OBC Screen Shot 2

Given that there are some 10,000 bird species in the world (and about twice that many subspecies, with birding organizations splitting and combining species all the time), I suppose I should set a goal. But should it be to see certain spectacular species, or the ordinary ones that will be much easier to find? Should it involve a number?

I’m tempted to buy a book: not a field guide, but a book similar to our First-Time Asia travel guide, only designed for birders. Until I find one, I will keep looking on the Internet for something that will give me a way into this overwhelming research project.


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