Etta’s Place in Sundance, Wyoming

On the way to Devil’s Tower, we stopped in Sundance, Wyoming, for lunch. Imagine our surprise at finding an upscale restaurant at the site of the old Longhorn Bar, named after Etta Place, the woman who accompanied Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to South America.fine dining Wyoming, Wyoming restaurants, Sundance restaurants

If you search online for “Etta’s Place,” you’ll find a B&B in Fort Worth, Texas. On Urbanspoon, this restaurant is listed as the Longhorn Bar. In any case, if you’re in northeastern Wyoming, I suggest checking it out. Todd and I ate there on Tuesday, July 5, and really enjoyed the quiet, elegant atmosphere and the lunch.Etta Place, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Wyoming restaurants

The chairs caught my eye, for looks as well as comfort.

I thought this cold strawberry soup was made with yogurt, but the waitress insisted that chef Beverly Doll made it with cream and wine. It was a bit like eating a smoothie with a spoon, but less sweet, and the cinnamon was a nice touch.Etta's Place, strawberry soup in WyomingTo go along with the soup, I had a salad, with flavorful beets, strawberries, cantaloupe, and red pepper and house-made blue cheese dressing.Wyoming fine dining, upscale Wyoming restaurantsAfter days on the road through Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota and a surfeit of meat, I was very happy with my light, fresh meal, all the more so for it being so unexpected.

Even the bathrooms at Etta’s are worth recording. Etta's Place in Sundance WyomingI especially liked the double rolls. “Just in case you’re going to be here for a while…”
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