Today I gave 3 pairs of old eyeglasses to LensCrafters and some old toothbrushes to Preserve’s Gimme 5 campaign at Whole Foods on 119th in South Kansas City—really, I think, it’s in Leawood, Kansas.

We’re almost done with the recycling.

Todd has finished ripping all the CDs he wants on his computer, so those can go to Greendisk. There are some facilities in Kansas City that take media (see RecycleSpot), but we didn’t feel like driving to the nearest one, which was way far east on Bannister Road.

I’m getting rid of my Jessica Simpson sandals. I wore them the other day, and they made my feet sweat so much I couldn’t stand it. Apparently Denver weather doesn’t activate the sweat glands in my feet as much.

I’m still recovering from our downsizing. Parts of it were really weird, such as the last “free garage sale” we had, in which an entire family showed up and told us a big story about their college-age child who needed a houseful of furniture. It got fishier and fishier, until the older man who was driving told me, “I don’t feel right about this.” But we gave them our furniture anyway, including the dresser Todd’s grandfather made. I wish we’d made better arrangements in that case, but none of his relatives wanted to keep it, and we were so pressed for time we didn’t have too many options left.

On our last day, we had cleared out every room in the house in preparation for the carpet cleaning.

Every room, that is, except the kitchen. One thing I really regret giving away (to the Salvation Army) is the flower lamp on the right in the picture below. I had wanted to keep it, but we forgot to take it to the storage unit on our last trip, so into the big truck it went. I’m still having fantasies about finding it again by chance and buying it from the new owner. I’m sure I’ll get over it.

I wonder what the owner thought of all the stuff we left her, including the bottle of Cointreau I told Todd to put in the kitchen cupboard as we were trying to fit everything into the car.

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  1. Susan July 5, 2011 at 8:43 am - Reply

    Which Salv Army did you give it to? Maybe I can find it, buy it and hold it for you until you return.