My friend and I stopped in at Mad Wine and Cheese in the middle of visiting the Denver Art Museum last Wednesday. (Here’s a shot taken on an earlier visit.) The kids got chocolate chip bread at Novo Coffee, and we ordered wine and cheese. I felt pretty decadent to be drinking wine before 4 o’clock. Livin’ large, I guess.

In fact, you could live in the museum residences above Mad Greens, and find salad and coffee and dessert and wine and cheese at the restaurant, and go see art. You’d hardly ever have to leave that one block.

Here’s the cheese plate we ordered for $15. (The two glasses of wine we ordered cost nearly $20.)Denver restaurants

From left to right, the cheeses are Manchego (Spain), Roomano (a 4-year-old Gouda from southern Holland), and Barely Buzzed, from Beehive in Utah. The latter is rubbed with coffee grounds. The dark stuff in the spoon is a tart plum spread. I liked all three cheeses, but my favorite was the Roomano.

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