The first time I went to Blackberries Ice Cream and Coffee Lounge, I’m not sure I knew that it was in Five Points. I’m not sure I even really knew what Five Points was. Lighthouse Writers was hosting a workshop there, so I showed up and really liked the place.

Located in The Point building, right where Welton, 27th, Washington, and East 26th Avenue form Five Points, Blackberries Coffee at The Point Denver May 2009Blackberries is pretty big as coffeehouses go. Tall windows in the front bathe the piano in light (the same piano played during the gig by Dr. Tone and the Notes at the Five Points Jazz Festival). The room is wide near the entrance and narrows along its length to the stage in back and the niche next to it.

Blackberries can accommodate a large crowd (and did during the Jazz Fest), but when I was there recently it was quiet. Blackberries table with Betty Boop Denver Sep 2009Two people were working the ice cream counter, a little girl was exploring while her mother had a meeting, and other patrons spoke softly to each other at their tables by the windows.

As is my wont, I began with dessert. Even though I asked for the smallest cone, I still got 2 hefty scoops of chocolate and sweet cream. The latter was nice enough, but the chocolate was truly rich. I also recommend the sweet potato pie ice cream.

The toddler came by and reached toward me. “No,” I said sternly, “this is MY ice cream.” But all she wanted was to hold hands.

I read my book for a while and then decided I should eat dinner at Blackberries rather than wait to eat at the Mercury Café (see my post about Transition Denver). I had my choice of breakfast (egg and cheese croissant or bagel, breakfast burritos), cold deli sandwiches, or hot paninis. I chose the Smokin’ Turkey, with provolone, red onion, tomato, avocado, and Cajun mustard.Blackberries smokin turkey panini Denver Sep 2009 I enjoyed the crisp bread and spicy mayo on that first bite, which was really good, though farther into the sandwich I thought the turkey must have come out of a plastic package.

Blackberries also sells pastries from Bluepoint Bakery on East 58th Avenue in Denver.

Finally, I had to drag myself away to the Merc. I had hoped for time to walk the western boundary of Five Points (that is, Larimer), but that had to wait until another day.
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