I’ve been feeling fallish lately, a bit melancholy, but also determined to get things done before winter drives me inside. Saturday Todd and I were out revegetating Carnage Canyon, and Sunday, since I hadn’t had enough, apparently, I dug up and replanted 17 perennials from my yard. That’s the advantage of having multiple gardens: you can always find something to fill a space.

I have a small deadline on Wednesday, so for the next three days I’ll be posting photographs and will post two reviews in a row after that.

This photograph was taken outside the Mercury Cafe. Someone had scattered rose petals up and down the sidewalk.

Mercury Cafe rose petals 1 Denver Sep 2009

Here’s the entrance to the Merc:

Mercury Cafe entrance Denver Sep 2009

As you can tell from the photo, it’s one of Denver’s “alternative” cafes. What does that mean? It means poetry readings on Friday and Sunday nights, during which you can hear people upstairs thumping through the salsa or swing; it means Transition Denver events; it means gluten-free desserts; it means locally sourced ingredients. I’ve never had a meal at the Merc that I out-and-out loved, but I always enjoy going there.

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