I’ve walked by Colt & Gray many times. I did so on Sunday, looked to my left, and saw a cadre of servers wearing black and white. The front page of the restaurant’s website indicates happy hour begins at 4:30 on Sunday, but things didn’t look promising. (And the happy hour page has happy hour on Monday through Thursday only. A little more consistency, please.)

According to one conversation I overheard, Colt & Gray has the best burgers in Denver. Not to mention pig’s feet. And now I notice they have a twist on the “Vesper” cocktail—and here I am watching Casino Royale: The Remake—and the Riviera is just one of their original cocktails.

Perhaps I should assemble a group, so I won’t feel so intimidated by gangs of servers.

Here is what I saw when I looked to my right. Denver photos


The Colorado Indian Market and Southwest Showcase is happening this weekend at the Merchandise Mart.

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