Todd and I spent the night in Buffalo, Wyoming, at a locally owned motel (more on that in a later post) and had breakfast the next morning at Busy Bee Cafe on North Main Street. It originally opened in 1927, closed down for a few years when the original owners retired, and then reopened recently.Busy Bee cafe, Wyoming breakfast restaurantsWe had been directed to Pistol Pete’s as the place to eat in Buffalo, but we were very happy that we ended up at Busy Bee. I had a couple of oversize pancakes and this beautifully presented fruit salad. Wyoming restaurantsThe waitress assured me the fruit had been cut to order, which I think is something of a rarity.

Todd had the Busy Bee breakfast, which I can’t find on the menu I reached from the Facebook page for Busy Bee Cafe. (The entry page, for the Occidental Hotel next door, is quite annoying.) It was your basic egg breakfast, with meat and potatoes, but the large pieces of rye bread were notable.

What I loved most about the Busy Bee was the hospitality. Our waitress was a delight. At one point I realized I was blocking her way as I photographed this old stove that was serving as a coffee station. Busy Bee, Wyoming restaurants, Buffalo restaurantsShe waited patiently until I noticed.The cafe was full of so many cute details, it was hard not to photograph all of them.I was also amused by the number of women who kept emerging from the kitchen to get something from this bar/soda fountain. Busy Bee cafe, Beth Partin's photosMy last count was four, in addition to the waitress. I wondered how many could fit back there.

The Busy Bee is located right along a creek (there was a stack of sandbags along the path, but the water didn’t look that high in early July) and has a charming dining room for breakfast and lunch. If you’re in the mood for something small, a fountain drink or a pastry, you can sit at the bar.


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  1. Johnny July 25, 2011 at 8:50 pm - Reply

    “Busy Bee” .. I like the name a lot!

  2. Connie August 4, 2011 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    We stop in Buffalo almost every year on our way north because we leave late enough that it is a convenient distance for the first night. We like the Wyoming Motel, but we only stayed there once, when it was raining and late. We usually stay at Indian Campground or Deer Park Campground. We haven’t been to the Busy Bee because we try to cook our own food, but I will keep it in mind in the future.

    This year we stayed in Indian Campground the Saturday before Memorial Day, and it rained on us. When we woke up in the a.m., it had turned to snow, and there was a good inch of snow on the tent and on the ground. That was a very chilly morning.

  3. Beth Partin August 4, 2011 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    I liked Buffalo and wouldn’t mind spending more time there, but I don’t go to Wyoming that often.