Burlington Has Its Secrets

As we walked up to the library in Burlington, Colorado, this morning, we saw this mysterious sign: 12 Cities 1 YearNo cake pans in the book drop … OK. At first we thought it was one of those ridiculous warnings now common on products: “Don’t submerge this electrical device in water!” “Don’t stab yourself with this knife!”

We went inside, printed what we needed, and went to look for the bathrooms. And then we found this unusual little alcove. 12 cities 1 yearWhile I was there, a mother came in with her two children, a boy and a younger girl, and they picked out pans.

I love discovering little secrets like these.

I hope the next year is full of them. Burlington was our first stop in our 12 Cities, 1 Year project (though the first official stop is actually Missoula).