Many, many inches of rain have fallen in the cities along the Front Range in the past few days. Lyons has been cut off, and other cities, including Denver, are evacuating some residents.

Here on the southern edge of Boulder, only about half a mile from South Boulder Creek, we are lucky to still be dry.

This morning we walked east along South Boulder Road, on the trail that parallels the road, to see if we could get to the creek path. We hadn’t made it far when we saw a tiny waterfall where no waterfall should be—right in the middle of the path ahead.Beth Partin Photos

We returned to the road. Half a mile farther, I realized we weren’t going to be birding the South Boulder Creek path this morning. The gate was blocked by debris, and most of the path was flooded.Todd walking toward entrance to South Boulder Creek Trail, 9-12-13

Just past the gate, the bridge over South Boulder Creek wasn’t really doing its job anymore, but it was still in place—which is more than can be said for some of the roads and bridges in the area.Bridge over South Boulder Creek at 55th and South Boulder Road, 9-12-13

Todd saw a “Road Closed” sign up ahead, and when we got closer we noticed a few drivers had had SUV fantasies about their sedans.South Boulder Road flooded, 9-12-13

Now it’s late Thursday night, and I think all the roads out of Boulder are closed. I hope all the evacuees are in a warm, dry place and that their homes and belongings aren’t  damaged.

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