Today is the first warm day in Denver since Sunday, and by warm I mean 43 degrees Fahrenheit. I actually opened the windows because my apartment wanted fresh air. Alas, it’s not going to last: Tomorrow both the high and the low will be 20 degrees, and it’s going to snow.

Cold makes me nostalgic and restless, so I began looking through travel photos, and I found three to remind me that warmth can always be found somewhere, if only in a camera sensor.

Bs Barbecue sauce, Greenville, NC October 2012

Just looking at the vinegary barbecue sauce makes me feel warmer. This photo was taken at B’s Barbecue in Greenville, North Carolina.

Bs Barbecue takeout line, Greenville, NC October 2012

As you can see, it was a popular place in October 2012. And judging from the shorts, a warm place.

It’s true we’re in for lots more cold in Denver, since it’s not even the winter solstice yet. But eventually the days will lengthen, and before you know it we’ll be thinking of love rather than layers. Like these two coots in St. James’s Park. He brought her a stick. How cute.

Coots building nest, St. James Park, London, UK, April 2014

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