Ah, Claremont. We stayed in New Hampshire for three nights with a friend who despised the place and has since left it for the other coast. gravestones, grandpaOur friend lived on the top floor of a bright yellow house, which I didn’t photograph, near the cemetery where I took some of these pictures. It was fun to see her after years—reconnecting with friends was one theme of this trip—and we found we didn’t mind Claremont. Not for three days, anyway.cemetery, cemeteries, old gravestones

Claremont is a former industrial town that looks down on its luck. Perhaps the rainy weather that accompanied us from Burlington had something to do with it. Todd and I spent two days exploring the downtown and the cemetery.historic downtowns, New England, brick buildings, New Hampshire, Claremont We discovered a down-home restaurant and a diner, a nice little library, and trees that made us forget the gray skies, even though they had not yet matched the brilliance of forests in the Adirondacks.Claremont, New Hampshire, red trees, fall colors, autumn, old churches, spiresClaremont NH tree tipped with red Oct 2012

The thing about a town with a long history? It offers a lot to photographers.  All those industrial buildings practically begged to have their pictures taken.Claremont, New Hampshire, New England, mill, brick buildings, old buildings I squeezed in as much photography as I could in three days, wishing the entire time for a wider-angle lens. 




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