The Spot Lives Up to Its Name

This is a restaurant review—but it’s really about the feel of the place rather than the food it served.

On our next-to-last day in Burlington, Vermont, I was hanging out in our tiny hotel room at the Bel-Aire, and Todd was shooting roller derby. It was raining, and I wanted lunch but didn’t want to get soaked. So I walked down Shelburne Road to The Spot, which is diner-ish, but also very, very modern.Burlington restaurants

The Spot bills itself as a surf-style restaurant, and there is a bit of a Wahoo’s vibe going on, but I didn’t see any spam on the menu. I did admire the exterior and the bank of Macs on the inside, at the counter, where I waited a few minutes for a table.Apple Mac, The Spot Burlington, killer grindage

The service was accommodating. All I wanted for lunch was soup and bread, but then the pesto on the “Build-Your-Own-Sandwich” list caught my eye. So I asked the waitress if she could bring me toast and pesto and call it a sandwich.Build your own sandwich, killer grindage
That and the clam chowder (tasty, and easy on the cream) Burlington restaurants, clam chowderand a chocolate chip cookie completed my lunch. I think all of it cost about $7.

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  1. That clam chowder sounds fabulous–especially if it’s not too heavy on the cream. It always tastes better if you don’t feel your arteries hardening as you swallow! It’s been a long time since I was in Burlington, but I liked it back then! Happy travels!

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